Week Three

Classes, Guards, Job & Medical

The week started off pretty quiet.  I signed up for one class this semester, Event Planning, and went to the first class on Monday.  There are 15 people in the class, about 5 didn’t speak English and only me and 4 others brought paper & pen and were ready to start a class.  In the end, the class only lasted about 15 minutes, because the air went out in the building.  We will see how next week goes, I guess.

I was asked about how the guards are.  Most of the guards here also work at the 4 other prisons on the the compound, all male prisons, one low security, one medium,  and two high.  There are some scary people over in the high security prison, and the fact that they have to have two, is even more scary!  The guards are tough when they are here, but overall friendly.  You show them respect, they show you respect, you treat them like crap, they remind you that you are the bad guy (girl) and it isn’t pretty.  I have yet to find one that is mean, as a matter of fact, most are very friendly, as long as  you follow the rules.

I finally started my job this week.  The facility warehouse for the entire property is located next to us.  I am the tool clerk in the Electric department.  Basically, I am a tool librarian, someone needs a tool, they come to me to check one out.  I am learning all sorts of different tools, and their real names, which are very different from the names I have given them.  I am not sure where I am going to add tool clerk to my resume.  The job is easy, but it is away from the camp (by about 200 feet) and I feel like I am getting out into the real world and working instead of laying around reading all day.

The medical here, overall is pretty good.  They have been on top of my hemoglobin since I walked through the door at a very low number (longtime problem).  They retested it on Thursday and when the results came back Friday, it had dropped to blood transfusion level.   So off we went, one of the guards and me to Leesburg Memorial, for a weekend of blood transfusions, iron infusions, and other tests.  It was no fun, and between all of the blood tests they had to run, and all of the issues with actually getting my veins, I had a total of 28 pokes for the 48 hours I was there.  My arms are still sore!  My numbers came back up enough to get released, but I will have more appointments with the hematologist (who happens to be part of the same group I saw in Tampa, so she has all my records!!  Yay, we don’t have to start over from scratch), and the other specialist for the issue that caused my hemoglobin to drop so fast to begin with.  I keep hoping the government will decide I am too expensive for this short amount of time and send me home, but the RN here (who is also very nice) told me to keep dreaming.  During the time while I was at the hospital, they have a sub contractor guard service that stayed with me until it was time to go home.  I was very unimpressed, and if it weren’t for the fact that I may have to go again, I would love to blast them right now.  Instead, that will wait until I get home.

The worse part about being away is missing my family, talking to them on the phone is hard, because I just want to jump through it and hug and kiss each one of them.  The highlight of the day is mail time.  We all stand there waiting, anticipating for a letter, just a short note.  It is so exciting when one comes in.  If anyone wants to write, get with Bethany, she can get you the address.  Several people have subscriptions to their hometown newspapers, they said at least this way they get mail every day.  My favorite though is the little old lady that gets her soap opera digest each week.  She is so excited when it comes in, and we don’t see her for the next couple of hours as she reads it cover to cover.

I am signing off for week 3, tonight I am learning to make Prison Popcorn.  Sounds yummy, might have to make it for family dinner one night.  I will post the recipe next week.  I am also supposed to learn how to make brownies….I am looking forward to that one!



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