Rainbows and Christian Music

I am only 2 days into week 5, but I had such a nice walk tonight, I wanted to share it.

We have a track here, which is very well used.  My goal is to do a mile every night, but there is always something else that comes up, or my latest excuse was the radio one of my buddies loaned me is missing a clip, so I couldn’t use it to walk.  This evening, I crocheted a little pouch for the radio that goes around my neck and made myself go out and walk.  The first lap around I saw a large rainbow in the sky.  I have seen lots of rainbows here and they seem so much bigger and closer than they do at home.  I thought it was funny to see a rainbow since it had not rained today, it wasn’t really even cloudy.  I was in the mood for some Christian music and turned to the Christian station.  As I finished my second lap and was looking for an excuse to quit, one of my favorite songs from church came on, “10,000 Reasons”.  I love that song, if you get a chance Youtube it.  Since I can’t get the station inside, I figured that was my message from God to keep walking and finish out the mile.  When the song ended, I was finishing my third lap, I noticed the rainbow was starting to fade, but was still there to encourage me to walk that last lap. I started the last lap and a song I have never heard before came on and the chorus, was speaking to me.  Based on the words to the song, I am pretty sure it is called “You’ll Overcome It”.  I finished my walk feeling uplifted, and even a little spiritual.  Was this all just a coincidence, or is God talking to me, in probably the only way he knew I would listen?  Did my favorite song come on to get my attention, and the next song come on to tell me that everything will be ok?  Believing is so hard.

Have a great rest of the week.


**Bethany’s note: I believe the song is Overcomer by  Mandisa, but I will chat with mom and see and find out if it sounds right.**


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