Week Six

Pros, Soul Searching, & Lava Cake

This week has been a long one.  I was getting discouraged earlier this week and one of the girls that has been here for a few years told me to sit down and make a list of 5 Pros of being here.  She said my Cons list would be way too long but I needed to think of 5 good things and keep thinking about them when I am down.  So here is my list.

1.  I don’t have to do laundry (still have to iron it, since it gets washed and dried in a laundry bag)
2.  I don’t have to plan any meals or cook.  This one is a biggie since I hate cooking anyway and honestly am very happy letting someone else plan my meals.
3.  Lots of time to crochet.
4.  Free medical/prescriptions & therapy.
5.  Lots of time to think and get my head back on straight.

I have also made some friends, which is not always easy for me.  I have always been jealous of my brother, Kyle.  I remember being kids on vacation, swimming in the hotel pool.  Within 10 minutes, he had made friends with all of the kids and would be having a great time, while I would be sitting on the steps, hoping someone would come over and talk to me.  My Bunkie has been very encouraging in trying to get me out and and more involved.  I never thought I would like having a roommate, but I have been very lucky with her.

I have been continuing with my classes.  The Women Who Love Too Much is very hard emotionally, but very good.  Lots of good conversations and it is good to know I am not the only person here with a head not where it needs to be thanks to different things from the past.  I started a new class on Friday called “Competent Communicating”, and it is a class on public speaking…UGH!  Not my thing, but I am determined to be able to talk in front of a group.  Maybe I can even talk to a group about my experiences here at some point.  We have to give a speech each week to the class.  The one I am working on for this Friday is about taking a quote that relates to your life and talking about it for a minute or 2.  I have been going in circles trying to figure out which quote to use, and thanks to a very well timed book from my mom, I am going with “You cannot start the next chapter in your life, if you are still reading the last one”.  It does explain where I am right now, just need to figure out how to talk about it for a minute.

Work has been interesting.  I did not spend any time in my little tool cage this week.  Instead, I was testing tools for grounding, changing light bulbs, and helping clean up the gun range.  It was a busy week work wise, which made the days go by a lot faster.

I did have an “a-ha” moment this week.  On Wednesday, I was in the prescription pick up line.  I was about 5th in line, and a lady came in that eats lunch with me.  She was about 15th in line, and was stressing because she was afraid she wouldn’t make it back to work before her boss locked up for the day and she didn’t bring her stuff with her.  I told her to trade places with me, I was done for the day and in no rush.  She was so grateful, thanked me as she left and made it back to work.  The girl in line in front of me, looked at me and told me that she could not believe I gave up my place for someone else, and that they would have never done it for me.  I told her that it was fine, I had no where else to go, and it was no big deal.  She then told me that I was too nice for prison.  The girl behind me told me we should have tried that as a defense to the judge “I am sorry your honor, but my client is just too nice for prison”.  Who knows, other defenses have worked, that one may have.  The next day, we spent the day cleaning the firing range.  When I came back in, my feet were killing me.  They have work boots you can buy, or you can use the work boots they issue to you, which are not a very good quality.  I refuse to pay extra for boots, and my poor feet were suffering that day.  A girl in my unit (that has been here awhile), and has never really said anything to me more than Hi, asked what size I wore.  I told her, and a few minutes later she came over to me with an old pair of Timberland boots.  They were her old boots, she had given to someone else, who is leaving this week, and had just given them back to her.  She told me to take them, and walked away.  They are well used, but my feet are so happy now!  Definitely a change from the old Julie, I never would have worn someone’s old ugly boots before.  She still doesn’t talk much to me, but I tell her every time I see her how happy my feet are.  It wasn’t until the next day, I realized that the good deed I did on Wednesday, came back to me on Thursday in the form of the boots.  I want to track down the girl from the prescription line and tell her about it, but I don’t think she will get it.

Time to go, my Bunkie is teaching me to make Prison Lava Cake tonight, out of generic Oreos, a chocolate bar and Pepsi.  So many new recipes to bring home for family dinner night!!

Have a great week.



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