Week Seven

Long week!
Week 7 is over.  7 weeks = 49 days.  49 days that I have been away from my family, away from my children who need me, my dogs that need me, my job that needs me, my house that needs me.  I am in a very me, me, me mood right now.  I received a lecture earlier about worrying about things going on at home, but how can I not.  My parents are stuck dealing with one of my dogs getting sick, my AC going out, the girl’s shower plumbing having to be replaced, my hot water heater having to be replaced, and now there is another plumbing issue in the girl’s bathroom.  How can I not stress about it?  How can I sit here and not worry about the things going on, that everyone else is having to step up, take care of and even pay for, while I am sitting here?   My parents are trying to co-raise a 3 year old, while I am here.  A 3 year old that asks me every conversation, “When are you coming home mommy? Can I come sleep with you at your new place?” It has just been a really rough week emotionally.

I ran out of puzzles (Sudoku, word searches, easy crosswords, etc) and have been patiently waiting for the package from my mom with a new book.  We had a good laugh this week, because I went into the unit library, to the stack of magazines that people put in there when they are done, to see if there were any puzzles in the back of one that had not been done.  I was skimming through them fast, and I was so excited when I found a blank crossword.  I went back to my cube, opened it up to do it, only to realize I had picked up a Spanish magazine.  Needless to say, I did not do the crossword.  If anyone has magazines they are getting rid of and want to mail them to me, let Bethany know and she can give you my address.  I have been reading everything lately, from Redbook to Entrepreneur, People to Home Decorating.  The rule is there cannot be more than 5 magazines in the envelope, and they have to be “appropriate”, so the latest of issues of Guns & Ammo, American Sniper or Playgirl would not make it past the mail room.  Also, if you do not do the puzzles in the paper, and want to cut them out and send them, please do!  The puzzles help cut the boredom, and the weekend is boring, especially when I do not have a visit.  I can only sit and read my book and crochet for so long before my ADD kicks in.

Sorry this is not a happy, positive post.  I am just not there this week.  If anyone wants to send me ideas to read in the Bible to help with my mood, feel free to send those too.

Have a good week.



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