Sleeping With Snakes!

I am going to start posting mid week because I forget stories by the end of the week.  Today in my Women Who Love Too Much class, we heard a story (no clue if it is true, but the story makes a good point).

Jane had a pet Boa Constrictor.  She loved her snake and treated it like it was her child.  The snake had free roam of the house, only going into a cage at feeding time, to make it easier for him to catch his rats.  After awhile, her snake stopped eating. Soon he was losing weight and Jane, being very concerned, took him to see the vet.  The vet started asking her questions about the snake’s living conditions.  He asked Jane where the snake slept at night and she told him that the snake sleeps with her, in the bed.  The vet asked her if the snake sleeps curled up in a ball, or straight out next to her. She told the vet that the snake sleeps straight out next to her like a person.  The vet then informed her that her snake is not sick. The reason he sleeps stretched out next to her, is he is measuring her.  The reason he stopped eating is to make enough room for her.

The snake pulled her into his life, got her to trust him, and the whole time was planning how he was going to take (over) her life.  Sounds like every one of my past relationships!  My hope for my girls is that they take the time to figure out if the men in their relationships are snakes, long before they are measured up and taken over.

Have a great rest of the week.



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