Week Nine

Spanish, Programming & Prayer

Another week is over, and I am one week closer to being home.  I am still waiting (impatently) for the release date.  There are two options, either leaving here and going to a halfway house for a few weeks, or going straight home for home confinement until I am officially released.  I am hoping this will happen in the beginning of the year, but can happen any time in the late winter/early spring.  For every one praying, please pray to go straight to home confinement.  My kids really need me home!

I have been working more with my Spanish buddy Lucy, and can now successfully tell her that I am going to work, going to my cube and going to read a book.  I think it is time to move on to a new verb.  She is funny, I made the comment that I was going to go write it down, and she thought I was telling her to write it down, next thing I knew, the teacher in her came out and I had a full page of English sentences translated to Spanish.  We practiced pronouncing them over and over.  The good thing is the whole time she was working on me learning it in Spanish I worked with her on learning it in English.  A couple of the other Spanish speaking ladies have picked up on it, and have started trying to get me to talk to them in Spanish also.  It is fun, and I am learning a lot of new stuff.

We have a cosmetology program here.  I went to it on Wednesday to get a hair cut, color, etc. and my hair turned out really good.  I was surprised how involved the teacher is.  The girls going through the program are getting a thorough education.  I wish they had more programs available.  They have cosmetology, culinary arts and some apprentice programs but that is it.  I sent in a request to help teach more administrative type programs (i.e. excel, word, office skills, etc), but I have not heard back from the person in charge yet.  There are a lot of things that could be done to help get these women prepared for re-entry besides teaching them how to cut hair and cook.  The basic classes taught are just that, basic.  They need to know how to work through the programs with detailed lessons.  The school system at home has a program that will certify the students in Microsoft programs, just think how helpful that would be to a former inmate trying to get a job in the real world.  I am going to keep trying.  I figure if I am going to be here, I might as well help someone with the few skills I do have.

I have spent a lot of time talking (praying) to God, and have been making good progress.  I spend a lot of time reading the Bible, and have enjoyed the verses suggested to me by some of my friends.  I have found that Psalms 25 really speaks to me, and I try to read it in the morning before work, as well as at night before bed.  I really enjoyed mass this week, the deacon who preaches to us is very good and I enjoy listening to him.   I am not ready to convert to being catholic, but I do enjoy the services.

Have a great week, keep praying.



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