Week Fourteen


More of the Same

Another week is over.  I thought I would explain some things that go on around here, since someone asked me what the blanket exchange is.  Once a month (my unit is the first Wednesday of the month), we exchange our two, hospital type blankets for two clean ones.  The exchange happens first thing in the morning.  Blankets have to be turned in by 6:30am, and they are very loud reminding everyone to get their blankets in.  You can’t go anywhere, because when the girl in charge of the laundry turns in the cart of dirty blankets, she is given back a cart of clean blankets, which then get distributed.  If you are not around when the distribution is happening, you have to go to laundry to ask for blankets.  This is why it is one of our count down items, because it is a major event (pain) once a month.

The new class sign ups happened this morning.  There are several different types of classes.  Some are offered under the regular education section.  There are also classes offered through the re-entry program and classes offered through the chapel.  So far, my new schedule is:

Monday – French 1 (might as well), Native American Studies & Building Wealth
Tuesday – nothing right now
Wednesday – Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University, Threshold (through the chapel) & Beginning Fitness
Thursday – Science of the Brain (supposed to teach you to meditate) & Women Who Love Too Much (ends this week)
Friday – Personal Finance, Competent Communications (ends next week) & Puppy/Dog Care (hopefully there is a class on how to handle a very spoiled dachshund)
Saturday – Intro to Step

Quite an interesting mix of classes.  Since my time is limited, I have left the electric shop, for an easy job on the compound. This will allow me to spend more time on classes, crochet, reading and exercising.  I already walked 3 miles this morning, and am ready to do several more this evening.

I did have to laugh this week.  Since the death of my little doxie Libby, my other doxie, Hero is the lone dog.  When I am home, Hero would either sleep with me or on the floor of my bedroom.  My parents, who have always insisted that dogs belong in their crates at night (and never in the bed), have started letting him sleep in their bedroom.  I think they felt sorry for him, since he is by himself now.  It only took one night, and Hero was in their bed, snuggled up, sleeping.  He is a burrowing dog, and insists he has to sleep under the covers.  It is funny how parents change the rules when it comes to their grandkids…and apparently grandpups.

I have another song that has been playing all week, every time I go out to walk.  Hopefully Bethy can attach a link to it.  It is called Breathe by Jonny Diaz.  I love the words to this song, it makes you remember to slow down and just relax.

By the way, after 4 weeks, I finally got the visit approved that I have been working on, and then they were not able to come :-(.  I did get to see some of my family this weekend, which I love getting to see them, it really breaks up the weekend.  Each visit was some very nice one on one time, I loved every second of it!

Have a great week!

18 more chicken days!
8 more visit weekends!
5 more blanket exchanges!



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