Week Fifteen

Another Week…

Another week down, and thanks to Hurricane Matthew, we had a very long weekend.  It would have been better if we  had not been stuck inside for Thursday evening and all day Friday, but I was able to get a very nice long nap.  We were fed well during that time, since the one officer that really seems to care about what gets served, was the one in charge of feeding us.

On Wednesday, in my Threshold class, we worked on goal setting.  We learned that all goals should be SMART. On top of thinking about short term and long term goals, we each had to come up with something attainable in the next 30 days.

Goal – walk 100 miles over the course of the next 30 days.

Specific – I will walk 100 miles on the track over the next 30 days
Measurable – 100 miles/30 days
Achievable – I have been averaging 3 miles a day right now, which would make 90 for 30 days, so I just need to walk a little more to make the goal
Rewarding – This will prove that I can make a goal and stick with it to make it happen
Trackable – It will be easier to track the number of laps.  One mile = 3.25 laps, 100 miles = 325 laps

Status – We did not start this until Wednesday, so I do not  have a full week in yet, plus lost a day and a half due to Hurricane Matthew.  As of last night I am at 36 laps, 11+ miles.  Which leaves 289 laps to go during the next 25 days.  I can do it!

Some other goals I have set:
Shorter term:
* Finish my degree (I have always regretted not finishing)
* Create a garden paradise in my side yard (I have a big empty sunny space to play with)
* Pay off all debt (I should really put that under long term, since it will take me until I am about 80 years old to accomplish it)

Long term:
* Take kids to all 4 Disney’s.  I took them all to the one in Florida earlier this year, so the next goal will be California.  France and Japan will be much further down the road.
* Find a vacation spot similar to the one that I love looking at in Bora Bora, closer to home and cheaper than going to Bora Bora, and take a romantic trip there (sorry kids, you are not invited on this one).  I saw an episode on the travel channel about a resort in Bora Bora with cabins over the water, with glass bottom floors.  The water was absolutely beautiful, and you could just jump in and swim right outside your room.  I am sure there must be something similar in the Caribbean.  I know I saw something at the Polynesian resort at Disney, but staying over the murky lake is not what I consider romantic.

I have been working on more goals, but these are some just to get me started.  Again, it may take me until I am 80 to save up for these trips, and I may be taking my great grandchildren too, but at least it is something to look forward to.

I think it is amazing how each week, one song plays over and over while I am walking.  I walk at different times during the day, and once I tell everyone about the song, a different one takes its place.  I am taking it as a sign to share them.  I hope someone is listening to them.  I know that my girls are, I think I challenged them last week with the song.  This week’s song is called “You Are Loved” by Stars Go Dim. It is a really great song, I have enjoyed it this week and am looking forward to whatever song God sends me next week.

Keep praying for changes in dates.  They have not happened yet, but I am staying positive.  If nothing else, my other date is set, so I will keep counting down to that one.  Also, I still owe several people letters and am working on them.  Hopefully they will be going out this week.

17 more chicken days!
8 more visit weekends!
4 more blanket exchanges!

Have a great week!



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