Week Eighteen

More Of The Same

Another week is over here at Camp Coleman.  We did our final speeches in Public Speaking class.  The subject was about how things will be when we get out of here.  I did mine on the top 12 things I have learned during this entire process the last two years.

1.  Spending time with my family and the ones I love is something that I will never take for granted again.
2.  I will never again believe everything I read in the paper or see on the news.
3.  Nothing is black and white, there are shades of gray in just about every situation.
4.  Don’t go by first impressions when I meet someone.  Take the time to get to know them before forming an opinion.
5.  Ask for help when I need it….It is really not as hard as it seems.
6.  Contrary to what my mom told me, cheese in a can or bottle is really not that bad.
7.  I will never complain about lack of drawer or closet space again.
8.  There are more uses for female products than anyone ever could have guessed. That could be a whole blog on it’s own
9.  Divided tray plates are the best thing in the world for someone with major food touching issues!
10. Eating tofu will not kill me, and when cooked right, is really not that bad.
11. Never again will I waste money on storage containers, when peanut butter jars can be reused.  Currently have them for creamer, sugar cubes & lemonade.
12. Velcro will be banned from my house, I never want to hear that sound again.  Our belts wrap around our waist with velcro, so every time you undo it, there is about 15 inches of velcro that rips…it is like fingernails on a chalkboard to me

Some of the girls in my unit threw a Halloween party on Friday night.  It was very interesting, especially the costumes they came up with.  I stayed down by my cube, and watched all of the fun when the guard came in and broke up their party.  It was amazing how fast some of those girls could move.

When you end up with a room full of bored women, they have to find ways to entertain themselves.  We have nicknames for a lot of the guards, and we all know exactly who we are talking about when we say them.   Most of them don’t stay long, I think we scare them away.  They would rather be over at the real prisons with the bad guys instead of stuck here with a bunch of women.  The Italian Stallion, Cowboy, GI Joe, Charmin Bear, Little Guy, Overtime and Stewie are just some of the names these guys are referred to as.  It is all in fun.

Speaking of fun, my Bunkie had made a comment that someone’s birthday was on Feb. 2nd.  I told her they were a Groundhog baby.  That started a very long, comical conversation about #1 what is a groundhog & #2 explaining Groundhog Day.  You don’t realize sometimes how silly something sounds until you try explaining it to someone that has never heard of it, and they are looking at you like you are totally crazy.  We asked the other Spanish girls around us, and none of them knew what a groundhog was or what Groundhog day was either.   I finally tracked down a Spanish – English dictionary, and found out the translation for Groundhog, but it didn’t help.  Apparently they don’t have them in Cuba or Puerto Rico.

The song this week is Grace Wins by Matthew West  It is so nice to remember that there is forgiveness and grace, at least by God.

Goal update:
So far I have walked 247 laps, which is almost 77 miles.  I only have 5 days left to get the last 23 miles in.  I am going to try, but I think I will fall short a little bit.  I am happy with the fitness classes I have been taking, which have taken away some of my walking time and energy, but they have been very good for me.

Looks like the dates are not changing, so I am just going to be happy with what I have.  Some people are still fighting it, but it is time to realize there is a reason for everything, and let it go.

14 more chicken days!
6 more visit weekends!
4 more blanket exchanges!

Have a great week!



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