Week Nineteen

Write a book?

Another week is done and I am getting closer to getting out of here.  The light at the end of the tunnel is starting to get brighter.  I am starting to look towards what I will be doing when I get out of here, and hoping everything will work out for the best.

I started writing a book about a week ago.  I had all my ideas down, and started the first chapter.  Last night, as I was going to sleep, a new idea came to me.  It is a total different direction, and will end up being inspirational fiction, something that I never thought I would write.  But this is the new me.  I sat today and wrote an outline and the first chapter.  It just poured out of me.  I am amazed at how inspired I feel, and I know that I have someone higher up, inspiring me.  I am ready to write the second chapter, this afternoon.  I wish we had some sort of word processor here.  My choices are a typewriter (which I would spend more time trying to fix typos than accomplishing anything) or type it in an email and send it to my house.  If we didn’t have a 25 minute limit on emails, and have to pay .05 cents a minute while we are on it, that would be an option.  So I am handwriting it.  Bunkie read the first chapter and is very excited as to where it is going.  I will keep everyone posted on the progress.  The book I started last week, has been pushed to the back burner, but has not been forgotten.  I really like the story line I came up with for it, but this other story has to come first.

I did not make my walking goal.  It was close.  I ended up walking 294 laps in 30 days, which is almost 91 miles.  I finished off the last 9 miles over the weekend.  I have been spending more time exercising all the way around though, and have added ab work into my walking routine, stopping after every lap or two at the equipment and doing some sort of sit-ups.

The song I have been hearing all week is called “Hello My Name is…” by Matthew West  It really seems to describe where I am right now in my life.  I love how God is working through the radio to help me, week by week.  I hope others are enjoying the songs as much as I have been.

13 more chicken days!
6 more visit weekends!
3 more blanket exchanges!

Have a great week!


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