Week Twenty Two

Another week is done!

22 weeks here, I am learning more and more about the justice and prison system.  There is so much money wasted on having camps.  The white collar, zero risk inmates should be at home, on ankle monitors, not wasting their time and the government’s money here.  Most of those inmates could be out working, paying their restitution and contributing to society instead of living off the government here.  Just think about how much our tax dollars go to feeding, clothing, medicating, etc people who could be out there working.  Think about how many families are struggling at home, losing their houses due to loss of income, children that are without their mom, some that have been put in the foster system, which costs the government even more.  Plus, the programs designed for “re-entry” are not what they need to be.  Most people don’t think about stuff like this, I know I never did, and never cared, truthfully.  But now that I have seen the other side, I have to speak out about it.  I hope the new administration takes the time to really look at these situations.  Just from what I have seen (can’t wait to find out real numbers when I get out), all of the people who are here, that are NOT first time offenders and NOT probation violators are NOT white collar.  Almost all of the white collar people I have met are not repeat offenders. They all just want to get out of here and get their lives back. I have met one probation violator out of everyone I have talked to that was originally white collar, but her probation violation was for drugs.  The amount of tax dollars that would be saved on keeping the white collar, first offenders home, could help go for better re-entry programs for the people that do keep returning.  I am planning to spend a lot more time on this once I am home, my eyes have been opened to a whole other world.

I heard one of the girls here crying hysterically the other day.  My first thought was, please don’t let it be bad news from home.  Unfortunately, her brother had been killed.  I have seen several girls go through deaths in their families, they are not able to attend services and not able to go through the entire grieving process.  How sad it is so be away from your family during a time like that.  She did have 95 women around to comfort her, but it is not the same as having your family around.

I laughed last night during count time.  We had two male guards, and as they were walking through, I thought about how uncomfortable it had to be walking through 95 women, knowing that each and every one of them was watching and judging every piece of you.  No wonder we can’t keep male guards here for very long, that has to be a very hard walk, no matter how high their self esteem is.

I have no song this week.  I had a rough, depressing weekend with Thanksgiving, and the radio station I listen to has switched to Christmas music 24/7.  I can’t take it right now, just makes me sad, so I haven’t listened much.  Hopefully this week I will get out of my little rut and get back into everything.  I have been working on Christmas presents for the kids, and something special for Mom and Dad that is going out in the mail this week.

Have a great week!

10 more chicken days!
4 more visit weekends!
3 more blanket exchanges!



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