Week Twenty Six

Getting There

Christmas has come and gone.  It was very rough being without my children and family this year, but some of the girls here did everything possible to make it seem like Christmas.  The catholic group put on a caroling sing along on Thursday night.  They had English carols, Spanish carols and even one in French and one in Hebrew.  It was a nice little get together and helped get us in the Christmas spirit.  On Friday we received our Holiday bags, filled with chips, cookies, etc.  We spent the rest of Friday afternoon trading to get exactly what we wanted.  Needless to say, I won’t be shopping for snacks anytime soon (except for my Ritz crackers and peanut butter, can’t live without those these days).  The kitchen staff also gave out cookies and hot chocolate that afternoon.  The cookies were baked by the culinary group and were pretty good.  I went in expecting a cup of hot chocolate, but was handed a packet of Swiss Miss.  Oh well, it was 80 degrees that day, so I really didn’t want hot chocolate at that moment anyway.  I will save it for the next time the temp drops – gotta love Florida weather.

We asked Santa for sweet, adorable (eye candy) guards for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day (we are sure they are hiding some over with the men).  Instead we had the Dynamic Duo.  They both started over here a couple of weeks ago.  Junior has started to calm down and realize that he does not have to be a jerk, he is dealing with non violent women, not the men at the Pen.  He is not bad looking, just needs to smile every now and then.  Ponytail is the lead.  He is not bad looking either, but needs to stop smoking.  I mentioned before that they have to walk down aisles and be judged by 100 women in each unit.  It does not help them any when they leave a trail of stale smoke so when they turn the corner, all of the women are fanning their noses.  I am not sure what is up with his haircut either, but if he were to take care of those two issues, he would be a lot better off, a smile here and there would be nice too.  I do like that he is very “by the book”.  You know what to expect with him.  One of the biggest issues here is there is no consistency between the guards, which can get very annoying. Our Christmas dinner consisted of Cornish game hens, mac n cheese, collard greens, sweet potato pie and pecan pie.  I didn’t try the collard greens or sweet potato pie, but the rest was good.  On Christmas Eve, my Spanish friends cooked dinner and invited me to join them.  It was actually really yummy.  I did ask what was in the “cake” and was told to just eat it….so I did.  It was pretty good.

Not sure how New Years Eve will work here, since lights are out and quiet time starts at 10:30.  Doesn’t really matter, I am usually asleep before midnight any other year.

As I am writing this, I realized that today is my 6 month anniversary here…ugh.  I miss my kids so much, especially my little guy.  I am missing most of his 3 year old year, missed his Christmas this year and all of the excitement around it.  Fortunately I will be home before he turns 4, I will be on home confinement then, but it doesn’t matter, I will be with him and my girls!

Still working on my smile project…it isn’t going very well so far.  I am starting to think some people are just plain grumpy.

Thank you to everyone who sent me Christmas cards, it was great hearing from you, I miss all of my family and friends so much!  I still mourn everyday for the ones that I have lost through all of this, and hope that one day, they will forgive me and remember the real me, not the one that screwed up.

Have a great week!  Time is getting shorter!

6 more chicken days!
3 more visit weekends!
2 more blanket exchanges!



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