This morning Bunkie left to go home.  I firmly believe that God planned for me to room with her, knowing she was what I needed.  We have a cube in the back (some call it the suburbs), it is quiet, at the end of the row, and not much traffic walking by.  Before I arrived, whenever the bottom bunk would come available, there would be a line of people in the councilors office trying to move to it, and it would never stay open more than a day.  When the girl left that was in there before me, the councilor said he was not moving anyone for a while.  It was two weeks later, when I came in, that bunk was open and I was placed in it.  This woman is amazing, she is a true friend and I will miss her very much.  When I was down, she was there for me, pulling me out on the track to walk, or just talk.

Bunkie told me a few months ago that the two girls that pulled her family into the issue that brought her here, were here also.  She had never met them before she arrived here, but knew their names.  This morning, one of the girls came to hug her goodbye, and told her that her last name was not common and was she related to the mutual person.  She said yes, and then the girl asked her if that was the reason she was here, and again Bunkie said yes.  The girl started crying and apologizing.  You see, Bunkie had never said anything to her about it, instead was nice to her the entire time she was here.  The girl asked her how she could have been so nice to her all this time, and Bunkie replied “I forgave you a long time ago”.  The girl was truly shocked, hugged her again, and walked away.  It was amazing to see the mercy and grace that Bunkie showed this person.  After the girl walked away, I told Bunkie how moved I was by what had just happened, and she told me that I have to forgive, it is the only way you will truly be free.

I learned a lot from Bunkie over the last 27 weeks, I wish her the best of luck with her future, and am honored to consider her my very good friend.

Have a great rest of the week!


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