My name is Julie and I am a 46 year old mother of 3.  I made a mistake and am spending a few months at Coleman Federal Correctional Center’s Women’s Camp, or as I refer to it “Camp Coleman”.  Before I arrived I researched everything to find out what to expect when I got here.  The few things I found were very old and although they helped a little, they did not give an overview of the day to day life here.  I am hoping that by publishing my weekly journal, not only will it help people coming here, but it will help me see the transformations coming over me.  My life needed a complete overhaul, and hopefully by the time I leave here, I will be mentally prepared to pick up the pieces and move on.  I have accepted responsibility for the mistakes I made, and some that I did not.  I will make it through all of this with my family and true friends at my side.

Since I do not have internet access, my daughter, Bethany, is going to post everything for me as I mail it to her.  I really appreciate her taking on this task for me and hope that writing this will help someone out there.

Feel free to click through each week as they are posted on the left and read about my new journey.